Dr. 90210

Dr. 90210  is a popular documentary-style reality  television program that  premiered on the E! network in 2004 in the United States.  It has recently  completed its sixth season. The  show  follows the lives of cosmetic surgeons, including their personal and  professional lives. Dr. 90210  is often  credited with  playing  a large role  in  increasing the  popularity of cosmetic surgery. The  program lays bare the  often  hidden world  of cosmetic surgery, allowing  viewers  to  see  the  entire process, from consultations, to surgery, to recovery,  to the end results. It educates viewers about cosmetic surgery, including the types of procedures and reasonable outcomes. The  actual  surgery  is televised  and quite  graphic. However, critics note that  the show  only superficially  addresses the risks and costs  of the procedures.

The  namesake of Dr. 90210  is Dr. Robert  Rey. He specializes in trans umbilical breast  augmentation (TUBA),  which  is a scarless  procedure. He  is not  a board-certified  cosmetic surgeon. He  serves  publicly  as an expert  on  cosmetic surgery in a wide variety of media  contexts, including The Today Show, Dr. Phil, The Early Show, and The View and also as a commentator for the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes.

The  show  focuses  greatly on Dr. Rey’s personal life. He was born in Brazil and brought to the  United States  by missionaries. Dr.  Rey says that  he has  achieved the American dream, coming from  poverty  in Brazil to become a successful cosmetic surgeon with an idyllic home and family, including wife Hayley Rey and two children. Both Robert  and Hayley Rey admit  to having cosmetic surgery. Both had previous careers  in the entertainment business.

While  the  show  primarily  follows the  life of Dr. Rey, it also shows  a variety of other cosmetic physicians in personal and  professional settings, including Jason Diamond, Richard Ellenborgen, Raj Kanodia, Will  Kirby,  Robert  Kotler,  Linda Li, Gary Motykie, Steven  Svehlak,  and  Daniel  Yamini,  among others. This  adds more  drama  to the  program by incorporating a wider  variety  of personal situations  and  crises.  In addition, these  surgeons and  Dr.  Rey expose  the  viewer to a large variety of surgical  procedures, including vaginal rejuvenation, breast  reconstruction, nose  jobs, face lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, cosmetic dermatology, penile  implants, and  hymen reconstruction. Viewers  see different approaches to the same procedure, such  as various  methods and degrees  of performing facelifts or augmenting breasts. This  amount of education about cosmetic surgery  was not easily attainable for the average patient prior  to Dr. 90210.

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