Apparel and Gear in Fitness Walking

Apparel and Gear in Fitness WalkingWalking’s abundance of freedom and pleasure lies in its deficiency—a deficiency in required equipment, clothing, and  accessories. Every time I head out  for a walk on an area trail,  I watch the  bicyclists and  in-line skaters prepare them- selves. They  unload equipment, adjust gears and  wheels, strap themselves in, buckle up, pull on helmets, and  pack  up and  slip on other gear. Although cycling and skating are certainly great and healthful activities—and ones I also participate in—the preparation on a day-to-day basis seems like an ordeal. Me, I just lace up my shoes, make sure I have  on the right  jacket or hat, and hit the trail  or sidewalk. Now that’s freedom!

The key item in every walker’s closet is a well-fitting pair of supportive shoes. Because shoes are all you really need to embark on your walking program, it’s important to know  how  to choose and  take  care of them, plus  how  to know when  to replace them. There are other types of apparel and gear that walkers might  find well suited for their needs, as well as extras that you might  decide you want  for the  added motivation—or toy factor. You might  decide to invest in a few pieces of apparel or  various accessories as  you  get  more involved. You must also consider fuel and fluids—not to be forgotten even if this is “just” walking  because you still sweat and  expend energy. Once  outfitted, you’ll be ready to head off to your  free  health club—your area parks, neighborhoods, and  malls.

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