Week 9 The First Trimester

Nurturing and Nourishing

Week 9 The First Trimester  - pregnancy yoga (2)As I nurture my body, my body nourishes my growing baby.

During my pregnancy it is vital I stay healthy in my mind, body and spirit, maintaining my well-being so I can support my growing baby in ways which are equally nourishing and nurturing.

You are so tiny, about an inch in length, yet your physical framework is more or less formed already. You even have arms, legs, a torso and a head, and some of your rudimentary muscles and organs have even started their preliminary functions.

Unconsciously you begin to move as your major muscular system starts to communicate with your nerves. It is hard to believe that you are still so tiny, yet you are moving around independently, twisting, turning, like a graceful dancer suspended in your ocean of amniotic fluid.

The muscle of your heart is working hard, beating twice as fast as that of an adult. Soon I will have the honor of seeing you and listening to your heartbeat at our first ultrasound visit. This moment will be etched on my memory forever.

At the moment your heart is composed of two love centers, which will soon divide into the four main chambers to support your ever-flowing blood supply.

As you evolve, crafting your more intricate details and functions, my body supports you, adapting to these changes from the inside out.

So while my body cares for you I need to take care of my body, providing me with the perfect excuse to slow down and relax.

BENEFITS: Supported Reclining Pose improves breathing and circulation; relieves tension in the shoulders; opens the upper chest; soothes the nervous system and calms the mind.

CAUTIONS: From week 18 on, it is advised that I do not lie flat on my back. To continue to practise this pose later in my pregnancy I can use extra props to support me in a semi-reclined position.

I will stop practising this pose if it becomes uncomfortable for me. I will let my body be my guide.


Together we take a moment to find stillness and take a rest.

Together we take a moment to reflect on all we have achieved.

Together we take a moment to be proud.

Together we unite in our hearts, and the beauty of all that we share.

Together we take a moment to enjoy the essence of who we are and who we are becoming; a mother; a child.

Asana for the Week

Supported Reclining Pose

For this pose I will need a yoga mat, a bolster or long pillow, a blanket, a small cushion for my head and two more cushions or folded blankets for my arms, and an eye pillow.

week-9-the-first-trimester-pregnancy-yogaThis pose is suitable for all stages of my pregnancy.

  • I sit on my yoga mat with a short end of a bolster or long pillow against my lower back. I place a small cushion on the other end of the bolster and another cushion, or folded blanket, at each side of the mat where my arms will rest.
  • Reclining carefully back over the bolster or long pillow, I ensure that my back is comfortably supported, and if it isn’t I use my hands to push myself back up, reposition the pillow and recline again. I place a rolled blanket under my knees.
  • I rest my head on the cushion, so my head is raised slightly higher than my heart center and my heart center is raised slightly higher than you. My upper chest is open, with my forearms softly extending out to the sides, each supported by a cushion.
  • I close my eyes and place an eye pillow over my eyes.
  • I take a deep sigh and connect with the natural rhythm of my breath.
  • I relax and surrender into the pose, feeling it nurture and nourish both of our bodies and souls.
  • Staying here for up to ten minutes, I mindfully repeat this week’s affirmation:
  • As I nurture my body, my body nourishes my growing baby.
  • Afterwards I remove my eye pillow, bend my knees and roll over to my left side. I stay here for a few minutes before using my hands to gently assist me up into a sitting position.


This week, while my body took care of my baby, I took care of my body, learning to relax in ways which were both nurturing and nourishing. NAMASTÉ

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