Weeks 1-6 – The First Trimester

Our New Beginnings

I am fully prepared and committed to welcome this new life, as my growing baby begins to develop inside of me.

weeks-1-6-the-first-trimesterThis week I will rest my body, relax my mind and befriend my breath, uniting with you in honor of our new beginnings.

A little blue line confirmed for me you are here.

Just a few tiny cells for now, the size of an apple seed, you are busy nestling into my uterus, where you will soon find a home to settle and grow over the next forty weeks.

Although I am barely pregnant, I nevertheless find myself naturally protecting you with my hands as you begin your quest for life.

I am excited yet nervous, knowing that over just forty weeks you will grow from some tiny cells not yet visible to the naked eye into my beautiful baby, who I will mother.

The signs of you being here are already beginning to show; my tastes are changing, smells are enhanced, my breasts are tender, and feelings of nausea and fatigue are emerging.

I try to welcome them all, in the knowledge that we both have an incredible journey of physical, emotional and spiritual growth and change ahead of us.


This week I will pack my imaginary bag for my new life ahead of me. I shall think about all the things I would like to take with me to enhance my experience:

courage, wisdom, faith, acceptance;

and choose what I would like to leave behind:

fear, anxiety, worries, concerns.

I will make friends with my inner self, who I will be traveling with, and greet her with love, laughter and joy.

BENEFITS: Abdominal Breathing improves circulation and respiration; soothes the nervous system; focuses and calms the mind.

CAUTIONS: If I have pelvic girdle discomfort I will practise this breath sitting on my heels with my knees together. I will place a cushion(s) between my sitting bones and my heels to bridge any gaps.

Pranayama for the Week

Abdominal Breathing

For this practice I will need a yoga mat and a small cushion.

This exercise is suitable for all stages of my pregnancy.

  • I find a comfortable cross-legged sitting position and bring my hands around my belly.
  • I close my eyes and take a moment to welcome you into my life. I find the natural rhythm of my breath and ride on the waves of my breath coming and going.
  • Deepening my inhalations and lengthening my exhalations, I direct my breath down to you.
  • I notice my belly rising when I inhale and falling when I exhale.
  • This is abdominal breathing.
  • I keep my breaths smooth and steady, being mindful of your presence.
  • Staying connected with my breath for several minutes, I mindfully repeat this week’s affirmation:

I am fully prepared and committed to welcome this new life, as my growing baby begins to develop inside of me.


In union we found peace in our body and mind, finding a foundation from which to begin the journey of our new beginnings. NAMASTÉ

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