Getting Started with Your Exercise Programm

Getting Started with Your Exercise Programm - men fitnessBelieve it or not, a great way to start your exercise program is with a garbage bag and your wallet. Let’s face it, your old habits are not working for you. So we have to start with a clean slate. That means getting rid of everything that is holding you back.

Clean Out Your Refrigerator

Walk into the kitchen and open up your refrigerator and cupboards. What do you see? It’s all the things that were making you fat. It’s time to get rid of it and make room for the good stuff. I know that in some cases you may think you are eating healthy, but in reality, you probably aren’t.

If it’s processed, made of white flour, or white sugar, toss it.

If it has a high amount of sodium, pitch it.

If it has gluten, give it the boot!

Let me guess, the only thing left is the baking soda and a few ice cubes. Time to restock.

Go Shopping for Real Food

Eating healthy and losing body fat is not about the latest fad diet or the processed and packaged garbage that’s on TV. It’s about real food.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Free range chicken and eggs that are high in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • If you eat beef, get it from grass-fed cows only.
  • Fish? Wild Alaskan salmon is best.

Now look at your refrigerator and cupboards. We haven’t counted a calorie or restricted a food group, but you can already see that this is going to work. It feels right, doesn’t it? By the way, chocolate is food and beer is not. There will definitely be room in your eating plan for a slip up once in a while, but we will keep it to a minimum.

High Intensity Tip

Listen, people slip up, it happens. The most important thing is rather than letting it be an excuse to quit eating healthy, take it in stride and continue your healthy ways. There’s no reason to throw away all your hard work if you have a chocolate bar or two. Acknowledge that it wasn’t your best eating day and that you’ll vow to do better tomorrow.

Order Your Supplements Online

No diet gives us everything we need. Even some of my raw vegan friends supplement their diets. Maybe your joints are giving you a hard time and you need some MSM? A good protein supplement will make at least one of your meals more convenient. Most people I know need B vitamins for stress and metabolism. How about a cleanse? It’s probably about time for you to clean out your system and give it the clean slate that you just gave your kitchen. I recently started using Isagenix products myself and love the convenience and results. It’s the one-stop shopping that always gets my attention, but the key is that their protein powder comes from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. Believe me, cows that enjoy clean living are better for us then when they are lined up by the thousands and fed garbage that I wouldn’t give to a rat. I will point you in the right direction and get you set up with anything you need in the High Intensity Nutrition.

Be Prepared to Work Outside of Your Comfort Zone

This is mental prep. You will have to work harder and smarter to abandon what I call the “low intensity attitude.” What I mean here is you probably think that since you don’t want to work hard, you can bypass the lack of effort with working out longer. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If it worked that way, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic in our country.

So I’m telling you right now that you will have to put some effort into these brief and infrequent workouts to get something out of them. I understand that this will most likely be a little out of you comfort zone, but that’s okay. You will embrace it after a while and will not know how you endured those mindless, lengthy sessions that you tried in the past.

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