Triangle – Standing Poses in Hatha Yoga

(Utthita Trikonasana)


  • Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)


  • Upward
  • Forward
  • Down

Physical Benefits

  • Improves digestion and circulation
  • Helps relieve menopausal discomfort
  • Relieves symptoms of sciatica
  • Stretches the arches, calves, hamstrings, and groin
  • Opens the throat, chest, shoulders and hips
  • Lengthens the spine
  • Stabilizes and strengthens the legs and torso
  • Increases muscular endurance

Mental Benefits

  • Builds focus
  • Develops willpower
  • Stimulates the mind
  • Relieves stress


  • Neck injury (do not look up)
  • Low blood pressure
  • Congestive heart disorders
  1. Stand in Tadasanatriangle-standing-poses-in-hatha-yoga-1
  2. Step your feet wide apart. Inhale and extend your arms out to the side. Ideally your ankles should be under your wrists.triangle-standing-poses-in-hatha-yoga-2
  3. Turn your left foot in slightly; turn your right leg and foot directly out to the side.extended-side-angle-standing-poses-in-hatha-yoga-3extended-side-angle-standing-poses-in-hatha-yoga-4
  • Engage your leg muscles to the bone and draw the muscles from the floor up to your pelvis.
  • Extend your left arm directly upward from your shoulder.
  • Align your right heel with the arch of your left foot.
  • Keep your left and right waist evenly extended.
  • Right hand touches the floor directly below your right shoulder.
  1. Keep your legs engaged. Inhale and extend your spine. Exhale and bend to the right at the waist. Place your right fingertips on the floor.
  2. Turn your head to look up toward your left thumb.extended-side-angle-standing-poses-in-hatha-yoga-5
  3. Hold for several breaths, then pull your legs toward each other and come out of the pose. Repeat on the other side.

Gentle Variation

Follow steps 1 through 5, but place a block under your hand directly under your shoulder in step 4.triangle-standing-poses-in-hatha-yoga-6

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