Week 10 – The First Trimester

Our Spines

Week-10-The-First-Trimester-pregnancy-yoga-1The cells of my growing baby are learning to interact with each other to create a union of the body and mind.

This week we will honor the union of the body and mind in a practice dedicated to our spines.


This week you have reached a new landmark in your incredible journey, emerging from your embryonic stage as you change into a fetus.

Your embryonic tail has disappeared and instinctively you curl up into the fetal position to rest. You bring your knees to your chest, tuck your chin in and allow your spine to softly round and establish its natural curves in this shape.

The complexity of your spine continues to evolve. Nerve cells multiply and form pathways around your body, creating a sophisticated network of connections to your developing brain.

While the labyrinth of your nervous system is being carefully crafted beneath your transparent skin, primary movements are initiated. Spontaneously you begin to fidget, exercising your muscles to stimulate their growth and experiencing ways to move your body.

You have grown so much over the last few weeks, yet still you remain a secret to the outside world.

No sign of a pregnant belly yet; for now, you are my hidden treasure.

BENEFITS: Uttanasana stretches the hamstrings, hips and calves; strengthens the thighs; and calms the mind.

CAUTIONS: If I have any lower-back discomfort I will keep my knees bent (c) while practising this pose.

MODIFICATIONS: If my spine rounds in this pose or I feel an intense stretch down the back of my legs in (a, b), I will practise with my knees bent (c, d).


As I twist, turn, stretch, fold, curl and uncurl my spine this week, I will think of you.

I will imagine your spine and your body moving from your newly awakened nervous system, sending ripples of movement through your ocean of amniotic fluid.

Asana for the Week

week-10-the-first-trimester-pregnancy-yogaUttanasana – Standing Forward Fold

For this pose I will need a yoga mat.

This pose is suitable for all stages of my pregnancy.

  • Standing with my feet parallel and outer-hip width apart, I take a forward fold, my spine cascading down like a waterfall.
  • Each vertebra is soft and flowing in union with its neighbor.
  • I think of your spine softly curving, finding its natural resting position.
  • I try to keep my legs straight as I reach down to the floor with my hands. If I can I place them down in front of my feet (a), otherwise I bend my knees (c).
  • Inhaling, I slide my hands onto the fronts of my calves, lifting and lengthening the front of my body to come up halfway with a straight spine (b or d).
  • Exhaling, I bow down, bringing my hands to rest on the earth again.
  • I repeat this three times, thinking of you as I move my spine dynamically, sending ripples through my vertebrae and movements through my body.
  • On my third exhalation I fold forward for three breaths, mindfully repeating this week’s affirmation:

The cells of my growing baby are learning to interact with each other to create a union of the body and mind.


During our daily activities this week, we explored moving our bodies through the pathways of our spines. NAMASTÉ

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