The Rishikesh Series in Yoga for Beginners

the-rishikesh-series-in-yoga-for-beginnersThe Rishikesh Series consists of the initial relaxation pose, breathing and warm-up exercises (e.g., the  Sun  Salutation),  the  12  basic  poses  and  the final relaxation pose. The basic exercises are described in other articles Yoga For Beginners, along with some variations.

There  are  inverted  poses,  forward  bends,  backbends and  twisted  poses.  These  four  categories  should  be practiced  in  every  yoga  session  in  the  above  order. Depending on your experience and physical fitness, you can  then  select  more  exercises  from  each  category  or simplify or vary the exercises as required.

As  you  perform  the  exercises,  bear  in  mind  the  following basic principles:

  • Make sure that you perform the exercise correctly, i.e., contract only where required; relax all other muscles.
  • Go  with  your  body’s  feelings  and  accept  your  own limitations. Yoga exercises should never be painful.
  • Aim  for  relaxed,  abdominal  breathing  and  if  you can, use Ujjayi, (see chapter on relaxation), so that you can slip further into the end position.
  • Focus your mind on performing the exercise and on your  breathing.  It  is  easier  to  be  in  tune  with  your- self if you close your eyes. Forget all thoughts of the past  and  future  and  stay  in  the  present  moment.

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