Bath and Body Works

Bath and  Body Works  is a part  of the Limited Brands  company, which  also owns Victoria’s  Secret,  C. O.  Bigelow,  Henri Bendel,  La  Senza,  and  The  White  Barn Candle Company. Limited Brands  distributes in Canada and in 40 other countries worldwide. Bath and  Body comprises slightly over 1,500  of the  company’s 2,900 specialty stores  nationwide. Bath and Body specializes in “fragrant flavorful indulgences,” with  an emphasis on  innovation from  nature. It focuses  on  incorporating simple  rituals  into  daily life to improve emotional and  physical  well-being; it builds  on earlier spa entrepreneurs’ innovations and updates them  by incorporating natural ingredients into  personal care products.

Bath  and  Body Works  subcategorizes its products into  Body & Bath,  Spa  & Aromatherapy, Beauty,  Accessories, Home  &  Candles, Kids,  Gifts,  and   Sales. The  product lines  and  brands listed  under its categories demonstrate the  interconnectedness with  other Limited Brands’  companies; C. O. Bigelow, Victoria’s Secret,  Henri Bendel,  and  Candles are all available  through the  Bath  and  Body Works  online shopping links.  The  company’s products reflect  current concerns and  trends in its clientele. There are lines of antibacterial products, B & B Works for Men,  as well as bath  and  beauty  products for tweens  and  young  children. Its Aromatherapy category  can  be  searched via Stress  Relief, Sleep,  Energy,  Optimism,  or Sensuality. While  the  company continually introduces new scent  lines, to keep  loyal customers happy,  old favorites  may be ordered through the  Signature  Collection and  CLASSICS. The  Web  site includes many  coupons and  sales options to encourage repeat  customers.

The  Limited Brands  company, and  Bath  and  Body in particular, has  gained  a reputation for  environmental responsibility and  especially,  non-testing of their products on animals. PETA, the animal rights group, awarded Bath and Body the Best Animal-Friendly Retailer  Proggy  Award  in 2007,  and  the  parent company, Limited Brands, has received numerous environmental recognition awards for the reduction of its footprint and its successful recycling  procedures in manufacturing,  advertising, packaging, and  distribution. Of  the  six categories of “Social Responsibility” on its Web site, “Environment” is the longest, and  the section on “Inclusion” is revealing  in terms  of the company’s stated  values, with special mention of its INROADS partnership to recruit minority college students, and pledge to  continue supporting supplier diversity  through relationships with  minority and women-owned businesses.

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