Bed Head

Bed Head  is a line  of hair,  makeup, body,  and  nail  products that  transformed a playful insult into high fashion and sought-after name  brand. Bed Head  is known for catering to  a hip,  trendy, and  modern customer. Its one-of-a-kind packaging  and  unforgettable product names have  given  Bed Head  its reputation as a company pushing the  limits  of marketing and  branding. It gets its name  from  a popular trend of the 1990s  in which  hair was meant to look like one “just got out of bed.”  The  bed  head  hairdo is one  that  looks  effortless  and  not  overly styled. The  look relies on styling products to achieve  its no-fuss appearance.


TIGI  Bed  Head  was  founded by hairstyling giant  Toni&Guy in  1995  in  Dallas. Kyara Mascolo, wife of Bruno Mascolo, one  of the  four  brothers who started Toni&Guy, was the  mastermind behind the  Bed Head  logo  and  its savvy packaging  and  product names. The  colorful containers and  distinctive bottle  shapes have appealed to a wide array of consumers. Its originality is seen  throughout its total  marketing campaign, including self-service cosmetic displays.  Linking the products to celebrities and  magazines has  bolstered its cutting-edge reputation. Bed Head  evolved  from  Toni&Guy’s original  TIGI  hairstyling line that  began  in 1986.  It was a way to support Toni&Guy’s emphasis on  fashionable and  stylish hair  design.  Unilever purchased TIGI, which  includes the  Bed Head, Essensuals, and Classic lines for $411.5 million  in 2009.


The  first Bed Head  hair  product was the  Bed Head  stick,  used  to create  texture and  hold  for hair. The  line sells shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousse, volumizers,  straighteners, curl  enhancers, hair  wax, hair  sprays,  and  styling  appliances. Bed Head’s  marketing focus  is on  fun  and  entertainment, while  providing the customer with a top-of-the-line, quality  product. Names like Hook-up, a mousse wax, Power  Trip,  a hair  gel, and  Dumb Blonde,  a color  enhancer for blonde hair, drive its reputation for creativity and innovation. The  Bed Head  makeup line sells foundations,  powders, lipsticks, eye  shadows, eyeliners, and  nail  polishes. The Body by Bed Head  line sells body  washes,  body  butters, lotions, scrubs, and  fragrance. Pet Head  by Bed Head  offers stylish dog accessories, apparel, and grooming products.

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