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Healthy Diet for April 10 – Pass the Color-Crunch Test?

When you think nutrition, think taste. A healthful meal nourishes only if it’s appealing enough for you to eat!

Some qualities that make meals so appealing also add health-promoting value. Fruits and vegetables with different colors offer different nutrients and phytonutrients: orange sweet potatoes, deep-yellow mango, red tomatoes, dark-green spinach, and purple grapes. Vegetables cooked just until they’re tender-crisp retain more valuable vitamins. Hearty whole-grain breads, often chewier, contain more fiber.

Put variety and appeal on your menu today.

  • Add a colorful fruit or vegetable. Looks great, and good for you!
  • Cook your vegetables just until tender-crisp for more color, better texture, and more nutrition.
  • Spark it up with a garnish. Even a citrus slice, an herb sprig, or a few toasted nuts make ordinary dishes look more appealing.






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