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Jonny Bell
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Applied Psychology: Practical Guide to the Human Mind, Step-by-Step Advice to the Understandings of Psychology

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This is a surprisingly fascinating book. Well written in an easy to understand style and well researched. Applied Psychology: Practical Guide to the Human Mind, Step-by-Step Advice to the Understandings of Psychology (Positive Psychology) by Jonny Bell gives you a great overview of psychology and the workings of the mind. It’s impressive how the author breaks down complex theories into simple to grasp explanations. This is one of those books everyone should read. Recommended 5-stars. By Bill Nelson

The “Practical Advice” segment was inspirational and chock-full of awesome pointers that we can all use to improve our lives — by applying basic psychological principles. By krissyl

Unlock your inner potential by applying the various theories and concepts of Psychology.

Jonny Bell’s Applied Psychology: Practical Guide To The Human Mind Step-By-Step Advice To The Understandings Of Psychology will enlighten you. The complex studies made in psychology have been refined to make it applicable to daily life. Whether you want to overcome anxiety or just become confident, psychology will help you along the way.

Scientists have been spending decades uncovering the biggest mystery of humanity—our minds. Understanding how our mind works will shed light on ideas we never thought was possible. This e-book covers six chapters each discussing different branches of Psychology and how it can be used in life.

If you are looking to remove phobias or any psychological disorders, Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help. Motivation and overcoming butterflies are discussed using two fields of psychology:

Neuro-linguistic programming and Sports Psychology. The concept of dualism, where mind and body are separate entities, are explained by the field of Biopsychology. Interacting with other individuals from other races are viewed through the lenses of Social and Cultural Psychology. In the final chapter, we will discuss how evolution has influenced aspects of human thought and development.

This Book is one of the most comprehensive in the market for it discusses in-depth abstract psychological theories that even a layman can understand.

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