Woman: Discover Beauty in Brokenness and Wisdom from Your Wounds

Woman: Discover Beauty in Brokenness and Wisdom from Your Wounds – Best Psychology Books

Eddie Connor
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Far too often, society places a glass ceiling, on what a woman should be and what she can become. The book WOMAN inspires women, to break out of the box and shallow shell of societal norms, by positioning you for purpose. Dr. Eddie Connor reveals how to discover beauty in brokenness, opportunity through adversity, and transform wounds into wisdom. This is an inspirational guide, for the everyday WOMAN with extraordinary dreams, which keenly connects to the essence of your femininity, identity, royalty, and destiny.


“At a time when misogyny rules the charts and patriarchy rules the throne, Dr. Eddie Connor offers a beautiful paean to the extraordinary resilience and beauty of women. This unabashed embrace of the moral, spiritual and physical appeal of our women is a wonderful rebuke to the harsh and ill-informed assessments of women that pass for art or politics. Everyone who reads this book, will be blessed by its insights and warmed by its loving endorsement of the women in our lives.” – Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC Contributor, Georgetown University Professor, and New York Times Bestselling Author

“Through his book WOMAN, Dr. Eddie Connor describes the transition between the battle of brokenness into your breakthrough as a woman. What I love most about the book WOMAN, is the direct connection women can have through the vivid stories shared.” – Zakiyrah Ficklin, Author of “Her 20 SomeTHINGS”

“Dr. Eddie Connor’s masterful and insightful body of work in WOMAN, will be helpful and inspiring to women, as well as men. The book facilitates in building a stronger awareness, of the (often concealed) challenges that women face today. He depicts the reality of both the joys and pains of life, in a very relatable and thoughtful writing style, by using corroborative references and levitating a silver lining through it all. WOMAN is a refreshing and uplifting read from a chivalrous, male perspective. One of his best works yet!” – Dr. Jennifer R. Fuller, DDS

“If you thought Dear Queen was a sensational hit, then you are going to LOVE reading the book WOMAN. The acronym, Wonderfully Orchestrating Magnanimous Achievements Naturally, details the masterpiece of Dr. Eddie Connor’s vault of knowledge. The book WOMAN represents empowerment, for the everyday woman. Each chapter empowers you to understand, how to attain your true femininity, identity, royalty, destiny, and extraordinary dreams. Dr. Connor helps us to break free from brokenness and bitterness, due to past wounds of unhappiness from unsuccessful relationships. After reading WOMAN, you will truly understand that your femininity, provides a remedy for the malady of life!” – Dr. LaTonya S. Cross, DNP

“Within a stereotypical society, where women are forced to play by the rules, the alter ego of her existence is created. Her life becomes a contradiction to her inner self, which ultimately leads to those feelings of hopelessness and the inability to move beyond hurt. In this book, Dr. Eddie Connor outlines the epitome of a WOMAN. By the end of this book, readers will be blessed beyond measure, as it provides a blueprint for overcoming obstacles and becoming unapologetically whole.” – Ivy Nichole Neal, Founder of “Let’s Have Girl Talk Mentoring”

“The book WOMAN by Dr. Eddie Connor, is a guide for greatness. It brings awareness to the plight and promise of everyday women, in pursuit of excellence. WOMAN reminds you to hold on to the gifts, that make you unique and let go of the defense mechanisms that keep you from letting love in. Regardless of how life has treated you, this book inspires you to stay connected to Christ.” – Dr. Ashelin R. Currie, Literacy Educator






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