Week 8 The First Trimester

The Essence of Being

week-8-the-first-trimester-pregnancy-yogaEach breath I take sends energy to my growing baby.

This week I will connect to the rhythm of my breath and celebrate the essence of being.

This week you form the shape of your face.

Like two little dimples your eyes appear, like a delicate soft floret your nose appears with two small impressions ready to form your nostrils, and a little mouth emerges, soon to wear your smile.

Your tiny limbs lengthen and stretch, corresponding to the development of your first joints, the hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. Your curved, arched appearance straightens out a little, as you extend out through them.

Like tiny buds your hands and feet have a fusion of digits, ready to germinate and blossom into feeling fingers and touching toes.

Sporadically your new nervous system practises sending messages through your body, causing you to move and jerk in an uncoordinated fashion. It will, though, still be several weeks before I feel you move inside me.

BENEFITS: Utkata Konasana Flow opens the hips and the groin area; improves circulation and calms the mind.

CAUTIONS: If I have pelvic girdle discomfort I will take a narrower stance by bringing my feet apart only as wide as my outer hips. It is advised that I do not practise deep or unsupported squats after week 34 of my pregnancy or once my baby is engaged.

MODIFICATIONS: To practise this pose in a supported squat I sit on several cushions and bend my knees, as demonstrated on page 40. I check to ensure that my hips are slightly higher than my knees, and if they are not I use extra cushions to sit a little higher. My feet are firmly grounded on the floor.

I follow the movements of my hands, flowing through the practice while I remain seated in a supported squat position.


As I wrap my arms around my belly, I shall think of how your tiny joints are evolving and you begin to move for the very first time.

As I go about my daily life this week, I willfully appreciate each movement my body makes, imagining I am creating it for the very first time.

Asana for the Week

Utkata Konasana Flow – The Goddess Flow

For this pose I will need a yoga mat.

week-8-the-first-trimester-pregnancy-yogaThis pose is suitable for all three trimesters (although see ‘Cautions’, left).

  • Taking a wide stance along my yoga mat with my feet facing forward and parallel to each other, I turn my feet out at a slight angle, making sure my heels are in line with each other.
  • I bend my knees, stacking them directly above my ankles and ensuring that they are aligned with my second and third toes.
  • I bring my hands to form a shape like an opening flower in front of my heart center; the outside edges of my little fingers and the inside edges of my thumbs touch, and the heels of my hands stay connected (a).
  • I tenderly look at my hands and take a breath. I see you as my budding flower and I send nutrients and nourishment to you through my body and breath.
  • Inhaling, I raise my hands above my head; I follow their movements with my eyes. Simultaneously I straighten my legs (b).
  • Exhaling, I curl my fingers over, so the backs of the fingers touch each other. Softly I bend my knees and lower my arms (c).
  • Once again I form the shape of an opening flower with my hands and rest them in front of my heart (a).
  • Repeating this flow five times, I synchronize the movements with my breath.
  • Mindfully I repeat this week’s affirmation:

Each breath I take sends energy to my growing baby.


This week I invited softness into my physical body, a sense of peace within my mind and openness within my heart. Synchronizing my movements with my breath I enjoyed the essence of being. NAMASTÉ

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