Week 7 – The First Trimester

Our Union of Hearts

week-7-the-first-trimesterMy baby is an expression of my love I have to share.

This week I will open my heart, connecting the rhythm of my soul with your new heartbeat in our union of hearts.

Already you have grown to the size of a grape.

This week your major organs – brain, spinal cord, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, liver, heart – are being mapped out, with the major roads of your larger blood vessels being defined. Your simple heart begins to function, pumping the fluid through these blood vessels, creating its own unique rhythm, regularly pulsating.

Inside my body remarkable changes are taking place.

There is a shift in my hormone levels as you begin to grow and your placenta develops, making me feel tired, highly sensitive and emotional.

I am aware that the vibration of my heart has an effect on your heart, so I am trying to stay calm amongst all these changes.

I remind myself to tenderly rest my hands on my belly, to connect to my center and unite myself with you, imagining that with each beat of my heart my love resounds in yours.

BENEFITS: Heart Opener Pose strengthens the front of the thighs and ankles; lengthens the spine; opens the shoulders and the chest.

CAUTIONS: In my second trimester, as my uterus stretches to accommodate my growing baby I will be careful not to overstretch the front of my body in this pose and only practise the first stage of this pose if it continues to feel comfortable, I will avoid this pose if I have any knee issues.

MODIFICATIONS: If I feel in the full pose any discomfort in my lower back, or too much of a deep stretch in my abdominal area, I will practise the first stage only.


As I rest my hands over my heart and close my eyes, I will check in on the weather of my heart.

How am I feeling today?

Feeling my heartbeat from the inside out, I will simply stay a while, listening to its own unique rhythmical beat.

I will think of all the people who love and support me in my life, I will think of all the people whom I love, and I will think of you.

Asana for the Week

Heart Opener Pose

For this pose I will need a yoga mat.

This pose is suitable for the first two trimesters of my pregnancy.

  • week-7-the-first-trimester-pregnancy-yogaI come onto all fours into a tabletop position. I slide my legs outwards, one to each side, and carefully sit down in between my feet. I place my hands on the floor behind me with my fingers facing forward.
  • I roll my shoulders down and back and breathe into my upper chest. I feel my heart open and lift up towards the sky.
  • Closing my eyes, I stay here for five breaths enjoying the feeling of expansion in my upper chest and my heart center.
  • I visualize the path of our love traveling from my love center to yours and from your love center to mine. This is our union of hearts.
  • Lifting my hips up, I now come into my full expression of the pose.
  • Staying for five breaths, I mindfully repeat this week’s affirmation:
  • My baby is an expression of my love I have to share.
  • I release out of the pose, close my eyes and sit for a minute with you.
  • I notice any changes in my mind, body and breath.


Through my practice I opened my heart and connected the rhythm of my love with yours in our union of hearts.  NAMASTÉ

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