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Specialized magazines, newsletters, and  trade  journals devoted to beauty  include product information, reports on the  status of the  profession, and  various  beauty association  interests  and   activities—including  government  lobbying  actions, articles  on  trends, and  professional advice  for  both new  practitioners and  seasoned entrepreneurs.

Catering to  a wide  range  of beauty  industry interests, trade  journals may  be geared  toward specialties within  the  profession or the  broader professional market.  Published in  both printed and  online formats, these  trade  journals have  a long  history as being  guides  for professional development and  expansion of the industry. Published by both trade  associations, such  as the  Professional Beauty Association, and  private  companies such  as Creative  Age Publishing, trade  journals are not geared  toward the mass market, or even the retail  market, but rather toward manufacturers, distributors, spa owners/operators, and entrepreneurs who have broader influence than the corner drug  store  beauty  aisles.

Mass  market magazines for the  beauty  consumer often  overlap  in appearance and sometimes in content. In the United States, the oldest fashion or ladies’ magazines were Godey’s Lady’s Book (1830) and Peterson’s Magazine (1842). Many current magazines cater  to specific audiences, such  as Vogue, Seventeen, and  Essence, and with the proliferation of online versions, the content lines between professionally targeted trade  journals and mass market beauty  magazines is becoming blurred.

Large Publishing Companies

Creative  Age Publishing (, established in 1971  by Deborah Carver,  targets  special  segments of the  beauty  industry. The  beauty  publishing section launched in 1989  is now  one  of the  largest  beauty  publishers in the  nation. Its journals include Launchpad, DAYSpa,  and NailPro.

Launchpad provides up-to-date  information  on   hair,   makeup,  and   fashion trends, and  features the launch of new products geared  toward salon  professionals. It has a circulation of around 60,000.

DAYSpa has been in publication since 1996 and is targeted to day spa owners and managers, providing information on  products, service  trends, treatments, staffing, client  retention, marketing, money  management, industry news, and legal issues.

NailPro is the original beauty  industry magazine, and was launched by Carver in 1989. With  a circulation of 61,000, it is geared  towards salon  owners and professionals  interested in building or maintaining a successful nail care business.

Modern Salon  Media  is a subsidiary of Vance  Publishing (, founded in 1937, which  serves business-to-business markets, including 20  magazines. Modern Salon  Media  publishes First Chair Success Guide, Modern Salon, and Salon Today.

First Chair Success Guide is a biannual publication and Web site (www.firstchair. com) geared to new salon and spa professionals. It is designed to help new professionals  build  a career  and connect with effective salon  and industry partners.

Modern Salon was first  published in  February 1924  as Modern Beauty Shop. It circulates to 117,000 stylists,  salon  and  spa owners, managers, professional hair colorists, and  estheticians in the  United States  and  Canada. It includes articles and  features that  provide  step-by-step education for hairstylists. In 2008,  Modern Salon became the official publication of America’s  Beauty Show.

Salon  Today  Magazine  is  a  monthly for  salon   and   spa  owners. It  includes business-to-business ideas and  strategies for growing  businesses and  has several special  annual issues,  including the Salon Today  200 award issue.

The Professional Beauty Association ( (PBA) is a nonprofit trade  association representing the beauty  industry, including manufacturers, distributors, salons, and  spas. It serves  as the  source for information on  business tools, education, government advocacy, networking, and trade shows to improve individual businesses and promote the professionalization of the industry. It publishes approximately 15 guides  and reports, both online and in print.

One  of its publications is PBA Progress, the  association’s quarterly newsletter, which  keeps salon  professionals up to date on industry news and the association’s activities, including its government advocacy efforts. The journal is subdivided into sections  targeting the  general   membership, distributors/stores, manufacturers/ representatives, and salons/spas.

Another PBA publication is National Profile of the Salon Industry, which  annually provides a national profile of the U.S. salon  industry based  on data from  the U.S. Census Bureau and  the  Department of Labor’s  Bureau of Labor  Statistics. First commissioned in 2005,  the  report includes the  number of salon-industry establishments, sales  volume, number of employees, weekly hours and  wages,  workforce diversity, and other relevant  industry information.

PBA Beauty Industry Guide is an  online resource published jointly  by the  PBA and  Multiview. It provides access  to  an  extensive  directory of industry-specific products and services.

Portrait of the U.S. Salon/Spa Industry by Congressional District is a PBA report including salon  establishment and  employment estimates and  the  names of the congressional representatives for all 435  congressional districts in the  50 states plus the District of Columbia.

Salon and Day Spa Consumer Trend Report, first published in 2007,  reports the findings  of studies commissioned by the  PBA. It provides information about the target  audiences of salons  and  day spas in the United States  and  Canada, to help industry professionals target  their  marketing strategies to  identify,  recruit, and retain  customers.

Questex Media  Group ( is a print  and  digital  media  publication   group catering to  business and  professionals in  11  different markets, with linkages  to marketing clients  in the field. In the beauty  and wellness  market, Questex publishes American Salon, American Spa Magazine, and The Green Book.

American Salon (  is  the  official  trade   magazine of the  National Cosmetology Association. Approximately 130  years  old,  with  a monthly circulation of 123,000, it targets  salon  owners, managers, and  beauty professionals. It addresses trends in hair, nails, skincare, and other treatments.

American Spa Magazine, first published in 1997,  has  a monthly circulation of 28,000 spa owners, managers, and skincare professionals. It provides information on spa products and services.

The  Green Book is  an  annual comprehensive listing  of  all  hair  product and tool  manufacturers and   distributors, beauty schools,  professional and   trade organizations, and  trade  shows. Compiled from  industry statistics and  reports from 21 trade  associations, the journal has a circulation of 35,000.

Other popular trade  journals are listed below.

The Beauty Industry Report ( is a monthly newsletter started in 1997  that  provides information to management about the professional beauty business, leading  companies, and professionals.

Estetica is an international trade  publication for the  hairdressing industry that comes  out  four  times  a year in the United Sates and  five in the United Kingdom. It was first published in Italy in 1946 and is now has 24 different editions around the world; it is one of the largest trade magazines. The  magazine features the latest hairstyling trends, news and events, technical advice, interviews with international and local professionals and stylists, and product and accessory information.

Hairdressers Journal International ( is one  of the  oldest  trade  journals, with a 125-year history. It is a weekly publication containing a range  of information including techniques, trends, product news, business news, advice, and job listings.  It is published in the United Kingdom by Reed Business Information. Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, first published in Paris in 1952,  is a monthly publication ( ) with  a worldwide circulation. It is published in 30 countries, including the  United States,  Brazil, France, Italy, Russia,  China, Japan,  South Africa, and  Australia. It provides the  latest  information on  the  spa industry, including skin  care,  body  care,  nails,  makeup, hair  care,  therapies, and business management.

Nails Magazine ( is a monthly trade  journal for nail professionals  and  salon  owners. It has been  published for over 25 years by Bobit Business Media  in Torrance, California.

OTC Beauty Magazine is a monthly bilingual (Korean  and  English) trade  publication. It was established in 2002, and is geared  toward beauty  supply  retail store owners, manufacturers, distributors, and industry professionals.

Salon is published monthly in Canada in English and  French by Salon  Communications, Inc., for hair professionals. Salon 52 is a weekly online version  (www.

Salon  Business magazine  ( /index.htm)  is  published monthly by Salon  Gold  Publishing in the  United Kingdom. It provides industry news,  previews  the  latest  products, and  offers  reviews,  editorials, and  business advice for U.K. salon  owners and professional hairdressers.

Salon Life is the  quarterly trade  journal published by the  National Cosmetology Association (NCA, founded in 1921) for its new members. Its articles address the  heath, wealth,  and  well-being of salon  professionals. Accessed  through the NCA  Web  site,, it is supplemented by a blog  and  video library.

Skin Inc. ( is intended for day spa, medical  spa, and  wellness professionals. Published monthly by Allured  Business Media, it includes information  about spa business solutions, skin science, and spa treatment trends.

Increasingly, trade  publications are being made  available in online formats. Interactive  Web  portals are emerging for use  by the  hairdressing industry as well.

Some  of the  largest  include,,, and

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